How the fit journey started

It started last year, in April I think. I had my baby in November the previous year and I was left with a little bit of baby weight. I was doing cardio, running on treadmill and some Zumba, until recently when I gave up my membership, I was a Zumba instructor. I just love to dance so Zumba would have been the right thing for me. My daughter is very needy though so I can’t practice or work at my choreography so I had to leave this passion behind.

Anyway, my cousin is a fitness instructor so I asked for her advice. I told her I’m mainly looking to loose weight and get toned.  She told me cardio and weights would give me  the right balance. I wasn’t on a strict diet because I was breastfeeding so I did not wanted to cut my calories to low.  I even invited my friend Elizabeth over so we can workout together as she had her baby two months later than me so it was good for us to get together.  Elizabeth was lifting heavier weights which motivated me to push myself harder as well. Having her over to workout was a good motivation.   I only kept it going for about 4 or 5 weeks because afterwards we left on a long trip visiting family in Europe.

In those five weeks I haven’t lost any weight on scale but I lost inches over all, about 2 inches I think. For me that was a success . Since I came back from that trip, I did not follow through with my workout program anymore unfortunately. Did some cardio from time to time and did not overeat. Fortunately I did not gained extra weight but from then until present I am about 5 inches slimmer. Nothing on the scale though.

This year I got a fresh start in January by joining a gym and I am still keeping it up!

Why , how and many other observations about why inches but not lbs , tips, meals and so on will follow.

Just because it’s too boring to have just one very, very  long article! 😉

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