Counting calories and getting on the scale knocks me down a little!

Maybe it’s just me obsessing ! With the calories is just simple math. If you eat less you should lose weight. It honestly didn’t work with me. Not even a pound. You probably say I must be doing something wrong! That’s what I am thinking but either way, considering the change I’ve made. Eating less and much healthier and working out ,if it only was a minus of just 300 calories  a day , from January until May I should have at least lose 1lbs.

As I said before  , I lost inches but not weight on the scale. It might be because I’m gaining muscle, but still , I’m obsessing over the weight on scale .

I got to this point where I’m afraid to go out and enjoy myself just not to go overboard with calories, at night I’m dreaming meals and calories, then I go to this other extreme where I feel like a piece of cake will make me feel better.

I am actually in  good shape , I’m not really overweight , I am just striving for better but this  makes me obsses  over a number on  the scale and the number of the calories of everything I’m eating.

In a way it makes me feel miserable!

The only thing I really enjoy in my fit journey is working out! Working out and  being active is like air to me! I need it but I also love it! I wish I had time to do more !

One theory that I read on Jillian Michaels blog is that if you are just trying to get rid of vanity pounds (up to 15 lbs and I am in this category) , most probably your body is already healthy so you will lose weight very hard because your body will try to hold on every little bit of fat , especially if you are women, for survival purposes.

I highly recommend her blog by the way!

Maybe that’s what is happening to me!

Anyway , I decide for a while to forget about the scale!

I will still keep track of my calories but I need to find a way to relax.

Let me know if you deal with the same type of experience. I would love to know how are you dealing with it ! 🙂

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