My husband’s 30 seconds workout routine


Me and my husband , we both have gym memberships but we also have our own small gym in the house with a bench , treadmill, dumbbells,  kettle bells and one other thing that you can hang on , or do pull ups, etc… , oh and one small hard trampoline .  It’s convenient for when we can’t hit the gym.

Lately he didn’t really had time to go to gym as he works a lot so he’s been doing this 30 seconds workout routine. I honestly thought  it’s just a one time thing because  maybe he wasn’t in the mood but he is actually going with it for the last 10 days.

To me this is really funny so I needed  to share it with you. Maybe you will laugh or maybe it’s going to become your new workout routine.

30 Seconds Workout Routine 

1 stretch (5 seconds)

10 push-ups (10 seconds)

Hangs + 1 Pull up (10 seconds)

Trampoline Jumps ( 5 seconds)

If he rests a little between exercises there is a chance this workout might take 1 minute!

The most important is that right after this, he gets up on the scale. ;)) Probably thinking he might have lost a few pounds after such an extenuating routine.

But, you know what? Maybe 30 seconds are better than nothing after all!

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