Reaching the point of high self motivation


One of the reasons I decided to join a gym and more specific group classes was because I thought I don’t feel motivated enough by myself and I need a challenge.

Today though , I realized how much progress I made and how much better I got to pushing myself even when I feel it’s hard and not to mention that I am the one who decided to do this workout routine for today. It was a lower body circuit.

Even though I could feel the pulse so strongly in my body, even though I was screaming quietly of pain ( my daughter was sleeping) ,even though sweat was dripping of my face and body,  even though I almost felt like fainting, I took a deep breath and pushed through it.

I just feel so proud of myself that , even though I do practice self motivation , today I have reached a much higher point of it and I really like where this is going!

Step by step people, step by step!

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