Healthy Lunch! Seared chicken breast with cucumber avocado salad.


This is one of my favorites and mainly because of the avocado and cucumber salad which has an awesome summery flavor.

I previously slightly marinated the chicken breast with olive oil and chicken rub spice, then pan seared the chicken  with olive oil and low sodium soy sauce.

For the avocado salad:

I used one avocado , peeled, cut and sprinkled with lime juice , I mashed it with a fork then  added 1/4 of cucumber small cut , one scallion chopped, salt, pepper, cilantro flakes and dill weed and combined.

You would be surprised but the dill weed is the secret ingredient that brings up an amazing buttery flavor in the avocado.

I used this avocado salad more like a dip for my chicken.

I really enjoyed eating this meal and you won’t regretted if you are going to give it a try.

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