Your grocery shopping should take longer


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When I was living in Romania I wasn’t that worried about what could be in my food. When I got to US I noticed that sugar and most important high-fructose corn syrup is in almost everything. Why would you ever put sugar in beans or meat products anyway? Does it have to do with creating addiction? Yes, sugar is a drug and No, I don’t hate sugar but I prefer it in my deserts.  Either way , this is a scary issue as my sugar intake had increased considerably since moving here.

Can you believe that one serving of a can of baked beans has 21 grams of sugar? Holly Crap! Beans, people, beans! They are supposed to be a healthy food!

Think it like this : Sugar in your beans, sugar in your meat (especially the processed one), sugar in your salad dressing, sugar in your bread, sugar in your soft drink and top it off with a dessert that will of course have sugar.

Does this sound like too much?

Because of this reason , my time of doing grocery shopping had increased a lot ( it slowly decreases as you find the right foods).

I find myself in every aisle , reading labels and comparing labels from many different brands until I am able to get the right one. Sometimes you won’t find the super healthy one but the least damaging.

It’s hard work!

For example yogurt! Mostly no fat when that’s the purpose of the yogurt. To keep you fed with its fat content not with all the added sugar that comes from all the flavoring .

I was so pissed of trying to find plain full fat yogurt, then had to compare the sugar content even in the plain ones.

For your interest, I found the perfect one ( a little bit more expensive though) . The plain Greek yogurt  from Maple Hill Creamery , only 5 grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein, very creamy and not as sour as other plain yogurt. Add some fresh fruit in it and it’s perfect.

Also for cereal and granola , look low sugar and high fiber . I am currently buying the cereal from Bear Naked and the Go Lean granola from Kashi. Really good and filling!

Of course , every product that contains high-fructose corn syrup had been completely eliminated from my grocery list!

If you need more suggestions about healthier choices to help you with your grocery feel free to ask!

I might save you some time!  🙂

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