What my vacation made me realize! Dealing with weight obsession!



It’s been a while since I’ve published but I have been away in vacation for about two weeks visiting family and friends and places I love ! Before my vacation I contacted a dietitian in the hope that she will have a magic wand that will help me lose the few pounds I want to lose. This didn’t happen of course, because it was all about what we all know, cutting back on sugar and refined carbs, eating more veggies, fewer calories etc., which to me totally looks like dieting and stressing about what I eat.

Restriction doesn’t go well with my way of seeing life and most of all a happy life!

It kind of got to a bit of a stressful relationship as my dietitian felt liable to help me lose the pounds I asked help for and  I was getting stressed out that I couldn’t keep up with this “dieting ” and totally focus on my goal!

I started to struggle between the pleasure of being able to enjoy all the foods I want ( with a common sense limit as my weakness is desert ) and the desire to lose weight.

I have to explain first that I am not overweight or have health problems, I am a 30 years old wearing a size 10 and just wanted to go back to wearing a size 8 which I thought is going to be easier but it;s not!

I decided that I actually want to be happy with myself and about myself and obsessing over few pounds and hating on my body is not going to help me!

The only thing I was doing it was just to bring negativity upon myself!

So stop and let’s take it from the start!

First , love my body ! It’s healthy and functional and in good shape , what’s not to love?

Second, try to eat healthy and nutritious but do enjoy what you eat and yes some desert from time to time is permitted!

Third, stop counting calories! Too much pressure and cutting too much can actually slow down your metabolism!

Forth, keep active! Now this is something I actually love!

Anyway, in the end I had a talk with my dietitian and told her that I want to change my goal!

I don’t want to focus on weight anymore but I want to focus on health and nutrition and honestly this makes me much more happy !

My obsession over having some pounds extra came from my fear of being stigmatized that I don’t fit the current body standards , from the childhood bullying that I had more curves than the girls my age ( curves are a statement in my family by the way) and also from me not wanting  to let go of the image of myself when I was still a girl and had the “perfect” weight for that age!

The lesson here is ! Put in a balance the things that would make you most happy, get in touch and happy with yourself and with your body and then do wish  and go for better but make sure “the better” is what you want , not what society, friends or family want!

You know best! 🙂


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