About Fit Bit Charge 2

I really wanted a fitness tracker that also motivates me to move more and push myself a little harder but that also has more workout options.

Fit Bit Charge 2 really does it for me and it also monitors the quality of your sleep.

You will have to download their app so you can keep track of your workouts . It also tells you where you are from a fitness level point of view . Not to brag but I was between Good and Very Good.  Which made me happy. And it lets you know what it would take to get to very good or how much weight you could lose with your current fitness routine.

The goal on this tracker is 10000 steps a day and 5 days of workout , let’s say about 35 minutes a day (minimum) of  intense activity.  It tells you when it’s time to move and I really like that.

The only thing is that it will not count your steps unless you move your arm but it does count your active minutes according to your heart rate.

All in all , if you are looking to get one and if you were wondering if this would be a good one , according to my standards I can tell you it is.

My husband got it for me from Sam’s Club , I think they had a good deal price wise and I am very satisfied with it.

Oh, almost forgot! It also let’s you know when you receive a call or a text.

It’s a smart one! 😉 20635141_164310940798069_586637252109533184_n



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