Hot protein mix for cold days



I pretty much like to match food to the season. I had plenty of cold protein shakes and smoothies all spring and summer and beginning of fall  but now I’m in the mood to have a nice warm drink that is also good for me.

I’ve been searching the internet up and down for some sort of protein mix that I can drink hot, doesn’t clump and also tastes good.

Fortunately , I found one . It’s the Hot Chocolate from Nutriwise . They are a bit pricey and found it on Amazon. I got the Hot chocolate marshmallow. Has 15 gr of protein and 3 gr of sugar. I either mix mine with coffee for a mocha taste or with unsweetened coconut milk. It tastes smooth and delicious . You cannot tell it is low in sugar and honestly it’s so rich and filling I can’t even drink it all.

Either way if you were looking for something like this. I recommend you  try this one. They have more flavors as well.

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