Artificial sweeteners freak me out

I generally have a sort of disgust for anything that is not natural or somehow unknown to me from a nutritional point of view.

Now, don’t get me wrong! I love trying new things , I always research about new foods and so on… but some things just give me anxiety.

Take Splenda for example. It was recommended by doctors and nutritionists as a sweetener , a safe one just to later discover that it has a much worse effect on the body than sugar .

With all that, I still see it on sale in the grocery stores.  Seriously?!

Stevia (only the drops ) is considered a safe one but I myself have a hard time with the after bitter taste and if I cook a desert I cook it for my family too.

I tried using Truvia and Stevia baking blend but those are highly processed  so I’m not sure of their healthiness.

Also the food scientists don’t give me more confidence either. One day, “This is good for you! ”  the next day ” We actually discovered it’s not! ” sorry if you got sick already!

I don’t want to play ping pong with my health! Look at the food labels (except for the not processed ones). I don’t even know what some of those ingredients are?!

They have to do it though so they can prolong shelf life.

I remember as a kid , we were poor and there weren’t that many sweets around either. We would moist a slice of bread and then spread a spoon full of sugar on it. Me and my brother and other kids on the block had lots of those and not talking of the amount of bread I ate!!!

The real one though , that was only good for 2-3 days.

Didn’t get diabetes, didn’t developed gluten intolerance, didn’t had weight problems, drank and ate lots of dairy , no lactose intolerance or other BS that is coming up now, also the food we ate was safe , except for hot dogs and baloney.

It’s not the meat, it’s not the sugar, it’s not the bread, it’s not the milk, it’s all the “everything else” you are eating, I am eating and our children too.

It’s all the “stuff” it is being added in the food.

So, the other day at the store I bought the raw cane organic sugar and unbleached flour  for my deserts.

I’m done with finding loop holes with “unknown ,safe” stuff to make my food “healthier” .

I’m sticking to sugar and honey and the least amount of processed food possible!


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