Calling out the “Magic” Diet pills


Before firing up on this subject I want to say Happy New Year and hope you guys are going to have an awesome 2018! 🙂

I like reading fitness magazines and you can always see advertising for diet pills or fat burners.  When it comes to these I am highly skeptical so here I  am starting to read the whole “marketing thing” .   First thing that makes me laugh is the picture . Of course a girl who with the help of this awesome pill has a super toned , fit, muscular body and a six-pack. I’m not saying it’s not possible but to get that body it takes years of weight workout (or less depending of your body) and a very healthy diet.

No. 2 that makes me laugh is how their study proved that taking their pill while on a low-calorie diet will help you drop about 10 lbs in 60 days , which first of all is not a lot and second of all you lose that weight and some more anyway by only being on a low calorie diet or 3.something lbs in 8 weeks on a reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise which as said above will be accomplished only by your diet modification and workout.

So, I’m calling BS !

If you want to say that it’s only a stimulant , than I’m ok with that but don’t try to take the credits for the weight loss.

It has to be a reminder for all of us that there is no such thing as a “Magic Pill” for weight loss.  It’s you the one who does it! You are eating better and you are exercising more !


Whenever you will try to buy a supplement, read very carefully and think if it’s necessary to spend extra money on something that you may not actually need!

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