One key nutrient you have to add to your diet

I just have been extremely hungry lately! Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s because I got high with sugar since Christmas and it’s hard to control it now!

Either way, I had to find something to keep myself in check and get back on track without feeling like I’m loosing it or have to feel deprived!

Not to keep you waiting and reading the story of my life until I get to the point, here I am getting to the point. šŸ˜€

This magic nutrient is ” The Holy Fiber”!Ā  Probably you hear a lot that if you want to lose weight you should eat lots of protein, veggies and healthy fatsĀ  but the key in your whole healthy diet is the fiber.

I figured it out by myself the other day at breakfast. At the suggestion of a nutritionist I started to search for breakfast cereal high in fiber . I found some brands that besides fiber (3 gr or more/.serving )Ā  also have a high protein content and lower sugar content. Kashi, Bear Naked and Great Grains.

Anyway, back to the story, I realized that after I had high-fiber cereal at breakfast, I wasn’t hungry nor felt like snackingĀ  until lunch time and even at lunch I wasn’t super hungry!

I felt like a winner!

Today I did my research , and yeah I knew something before about fiber but not enough, and it turns out fiber is one of the key ingredients in weight loss, appetite control, healthy skin and healthy digestion.

Men should aim for about 30 gr of fiber/day and women for about 25 gr fiber/day which is highly achievable.Ā  Oatmeal, almonds, raspberries,quinoa, coconut,black beans, lentils, chia seed, flax-seed , asian pears , avocado,are all high fiber super foods that can benefit us a bunch, only by consuming more of it.

So here I am, feeling happy today because I realized that one of the important things I have to do to keep myself on track is not to eat less but to eat more.

Eat more fiber! šŸ˜‰

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