The right kind of cinnamon


We all know that cinnamon has health benefits , the main one is  controlling the blood sugar levels but if you want to get the full benefits without risking too much of blood thinning due to the coumarin content you should look for Ceylon cinnamon  . The one you can find on the market is cinnamon cassia , comes from China and is cheaper . It is not dangerous but it must not be consumed too often or in high quantities due to its high content of coumarin.

In one of my Romanian health books I read that  cinnamon in combination with honey helps with weight loss and obesity. It makes sense as honey is a great aid for digestion and cinnamon keeps the blood sugar levels in check.

Anyway, the idea is that if you are using cinnamon for health purposes or just want to enjoy the benefits than go for the Ceylon Cinnamon.

I purchased mine from .  😉

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