I did not wanted bigger hips and thighs ! Giving up squats.

I was wondering and wondering, how come some of my jeans won’t fit me around my thighs , although I work out, reduced inches on my waist and didn’t gained extra weight, except for some muscle.

I was suspecting that one specific exercise in my routine makes my hips and thighs bigger which I dislike because my body tends to get bigger on that side anyway and what I was aiming for was to keep my booty firm as I don’t need to make it bigger.

Everybody recommends squats everywhere but somehow the mentioning that ,besides your booty, will also grow your hips and thighs is left aside.

Squats target lots of important group muscles but doesn’t really get rid of the fat from your legs so you just get bigger everything bellow the waist.  I think these are excellent for women with thin bodies if this is what they are looking for but for my body type this just isn’t working out.

I like my legs to look firmer and skinnier , meaning that I have to choose other exercises for glutes that is not squats  and get in some more cardio .

Glad I finally did some  research !

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