I created this blog as an extra motivation for myself to stay fit and healthy. I am just at the beginning of my journey and want to stick with it. I am generally an active person and eating healthy it’s something I really enjoy . The other thing I enjoy and honestly not planning on giving it up is chocolate or a piece of cake or something sweet in general but not in excess.  I am not very overweight but want to be in a good shape. I’m 30 and have like extra 16lbs I’m looking to get rid off.  I am going to share with you quick and easy low calorie healthy meals, about workouts, about my own experiences related to food , diets and workouts but as well just life related experiences. What worked , what didn’t and why. Maybe you will find stories or experiences you can relate to.   I will gladly share failures and not only wins because failure means I tried and it means I learned something new.

Follow my blog and become my companion in this fit journey !



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