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Category: lifestyle

One key nutrient you have to add to your diet

I just have been extremely hungry lately! Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s because I got high with sugar since Christmas and it’s hard to control it now! Either way, I had to find something to keep myself in check and get back on track without feeling like I’m loosing it or have to feel deprived! Not to keep you waiting and reading the story of my life until I get to the point, here I am getting to the point. 😀 This magic nutrient is… Read more One key nutrient you have to add to your diet

The best diet for humans

I need to share this Revolutionary Ted Talk with you as it matches my thinking about human body. We are unique complex creatures and our bodies react differently to what we eat. Resuming everything to counting calories or deprive yourself from a desert is not always the road to weight loss and health. I’m so glad someone thought to make this research and I hope their app will soon be available to people. This will help lots of people and end so many frustrations. Can’t wait for this! TED TALK… Read more The best diet for humans

Artificial sweeteners freak me out

I generally have a sort of disgust for anything that is not natural or somehow unknown to me from a nutritional point of view. Now, don’t get me wrong! I love trying new things , I always research about new foods and so on… but some things just give me anxiety. Take Splenda for example. It was recommended by doctors and nutritionists as a sweetener , a safe one just to later discover that it has a much worse effect on the body than sugar . With all that, I… Read more Artificial sweeteners freak me out

What my vacation made me realize! Dealing with weight obsession!

  It’s been a while since I’ve published but I have been away in vacation for about two weeks visiting family and friends and places I love ! Before my vacation I contacted a dietitian in the hope that she will have a magic wand that will help me lose the few pounds I want to lose. This didn’t happen of course, because it was all about what we all know, cutting back on sugar and refined carbs, eating more veggies, fewer calories etc., which to me totally looks like… Read more What my vacation made me realize! Dealing with weight obsession!