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The best diet for humans

I need to share this Revolutionary Ted Talk with you as it matches my thinking about human body. We are unique complex creatures and our bodies react differently to what we eat. Resuming everything to counting calories or deprive yourself from a desert is not always the road to weight loss and health. I’m so glad someone thought to make this research and I hope their app will soon be available to people. This will help lots of people and end so many frustrations. Can’t wait for this! TED TALK… Read more The best diet for humans

Artificial sweeteners freak me out

I generally have a sort of disgust for anything that is not natural or somehow unknown to me from a nutritional point of view. Now, don’t get me wrong! I love trying new things , I always research about new foods and so on… but some things just give me anxiety. Take Splenda for example. It was recommended by doctors and nutritionists as a sweetener , a safe one just to later discover that it has a much worse effect on the body than sugar . With all that, I… Read more Artificial sweeteners freak me out

If you’re not sure about the amount of calories you should consume check this one out

I found this calorie calculator issued by the USDA. It’s hard to know how much you should consume in order to lose or to maintain weight and this is a pretty good one to start with. It’s more accurate as it requires more details from you. It even gives you a meal plan and you can set up goals. When you look for it on the web many of the addresses you can find ¬†it at are no longer functional so I found the right one and wanted to share… Read more If you’re not sure about the amount of calories you should consume check this one out

How the fit journey started

It started last year, in April I think. I had my baby in November the previous year and I was left with a little bit of baby weight. I was doing cardio, running on treadmill and some Zumba, until recently when I gave up my membership, I was a Zumba instructor. I just love to dance so Zumba would have been the right thing for me. My daughter is very needy though so I can’t practice or work at my choreography so I had to leave this passion behind. Anyway,… Read more How the fit journey started